Leading specialists for arm, hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries in Libertyville

Hand to Shoulder Associates is excited to bring our upper extremity care expertise to the Libertyville community. Our team of dedicated and highly skilled physicians specializes in diagnosing, treating, and managing hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries. With our commitment to delivering exceptional care and personalized treatment plans, we are here to help you regain optimal function and enhance your overall quality of life.

Michael I. Vender, MD

Expert care by board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians

When you choose HSA in Libertyville, you can have confidence in the expertise of our board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians. Our specialists have undergone rigorous training in the sub-specialty of upper extremity and microvascular surgery, ensuring that you receive top-quality care for a wide range of conditions affecting the following:

  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Wrists
  • Elbows
  • Shoulders

With their extensive experience and compassionate approach, our physicians are dedicated to providing comprehensive and effective treatment options tailored to your needs.

HSA Libertyville location

Grand Oaks Health Center
1800 Hollister Drive
Libertyville, IL 60048

Same-day appointments for your convenience

We understand that prompt and convenient access to care is crucial for upper extremity injuries. HSA in Libertyville offers same-day appointments, so you receive timely attention from our board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians. We prioritize your care by ensuring you see one of our specialists, rather than a mid-level provider, to address your concerns without unnecessary delays.

Compassionate care in a supportive environment

At HSA in Libertyville, we believe in providing compassionate care in a supportive environment. We treat every patient with kindness, empathy, and respect. Your well-being is our top priority, and our dedicated team of professionals strives to create a welcoming and compassionate atmosphere where you can feel comfortable throughout your treatment journey. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of care and empowering you to make informed decisions about your health.

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A history of excellence in upper extremity care

HSA has established a strong legacy of excellence in providing specialized care for hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a renowned center of excellence, recognized for our expertise and commitment to exceptional outcomes. Our team is at the forefront of advancing patient care by integrating innovative techniques and state-of-the-art technologies.

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Our scope of practice

Hand to Shoulder Associates in Libertyville addresses various upper extremity conditions, from common injuries to complex reconstructive surgeries. We offer the following services:

  • Fractures: Treatment for wrist fractures, hand fractures, fractures of the upper arm (humerus), and forearm (radius and ulna).
  • Dislocations: Management of shoulder, elbow, and finger joint dislocations.
  • Tendon Injuries: Diagnosis and treatment of tendonitis, tendon tears, and conditions such as tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) and golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis).
  • Nerve Injuries: Specialized care for carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, and radial nerve injuries.
  • Ligament Sprains: Treatment of wrist sprains, elbow sprains, and ligament injuries in the hand and fingers.
  • Rotator Cuff Tears: Evaluation and management of partial or complete tears of the rotator cuff tendons in the shoulder.
  • Labral Tears: Diagnosis and treatment of tears in the labrum, the ring of cartilage in the shoulder joint.
  • Bursitis: Relief for inflammation of the bursae, fluid-filled sacs that cushion the joints.
  • Trigger Finger: Expert care for the condition causing the finger or thumb to get stuck in a bent position.
  • Arthritis: Management of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis affecting the hand, wrist, and shoulder joints.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Specialized care for the compression of the median nerve in the wrist, causing pain, numbness, and weakness in the hand.
  • Sports Injuries: Comprehensive evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation for upper extremity injuries caused by sports activities.

We are committed to delivering personalized care and helping you achieve the best possible outcomes for your hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder health. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and benefit from our specialized expertise.

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In the words of our patients…

Surgery with the best doctor in the world.

Hand to Shoulder Associates are very professional. The doctors, the office staff, and the doctor assistants are very caring, helpful people. I had the pleasure of having surgery with the best doctor in the world. I had a Bilateral Carpal tunnel surgery that turned out great. I was released a few months ago for both my hands, and I had a work injury on one of my wrists months after surgery, and I was just released. Thank you very much, Dr. Biafora, for all you did; I really appreciate you.

Mary Rios

Works miracles.

Can’t love going to the doctor, but I do love the professionalism I’m always shown – plus, Dr. Atluri is the BEST...works miracles.

Kevin York

Awesome place.

Awesome place; everyone is so friendly and caring.

Joe Espinoza

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