Early diagnosis

At Hand to Shoulder Associates, we understand the importance of early diagnosis in workers’ compensation cases. Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons are skilled at promptly identifying and diagnosing injuries and conditions of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. By diagnosing the issues immediately, we can initiate appropriate treatment plans to ensure better outcomes and a faster recovery for injured workers.

We avoid over-ordering tests.

We believe in providing efficient and effective healthcare for workers’ compensation cases. Our approach avoids unnecessary tests and procedures, focusing only on those essential for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. This approach helps minimize costs and expedite healing, ensuring they receive the proper care without delays.

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Early return to work and maintenance of activities

Our goal in workers’ compensation cases is to facilitate an early return to work while ensuring the safety and well-being of the injured workers. Through personalized treatment plans and rehabilitation programs, we aim to restore function and mobility, enabling workers to resume their duties as soon as possible. We emphasize the importance of maintaining appropriate activities during the recovery process to promote a smoother transition back to the workplace.

Our team works closely with employers and case managers to ensure a successful return to work while minimizing re-injury risk. If you or your employees require workers’ compensation evaluation, trust HSA to provide expert care and support throughout the process. Contact us at (847) 956-0099, and we will be happy to assist you in achieving the best possible outcomes for injured workers.

We highly value collaboration with case managers, recognizing the crucial role they play in the recovery process. By working together, we aim to establish clear patient restrictions and assist in determining a realistic employability level. Case managers are always welcome to attend client appointments, as open communication and teamwork are vital in achieving optimal outcomes for our patients.


Workers' Compensation Information

Since the early 1970s, we have helped thousands of patients across the Midwest with work-related injuries and conditions of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand get back to their jobs safely and in a timely manner.

Our healthcare team is a recognized leader in worker’s compensation care and is dedicated to providing individualized solutions along with realistic, cost-effective treatment plans to successfully meet the needs of patients. Our goal and priority are to reduce the risk of re-injury and help them return to work as quickly as possible.

While some injuries and conditions may require surgery, others can often be treated conservatively, utilizing a combination of medication, splinting and/or therapy. Our physicians will diagnose and evaluate your employee’s injury or condition to determine the type of treatment that is most appropriate for them. HSA is able to provide immediate access for your employees who need same-day care due to a work-related injury or condition. We’re also committed to working together with case managers to outline patients’ restrictions and help you determine a realistic employability level. Case managers are always welcome during client appointments.

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Work Status Reporting

We will work closely with you to ensure timely communication regarding your employees’/patients’ care at HSA. Your employee will receive a return to work status after each visit.

Permanent Partial Impairment Ratings

The physicians at HSA provide permanent partial impairment evaluations for all of our worker’s compensation patients. Our ratings are based upon the Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment by the American Medical Association.

Maximum Medical Improvement

The physicians at HSA provide maximum medical improvement evaluations for all of our worker’s compensation patients. Our ratings are based upon the Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment by the American Medical Association.


HSA is dedicated to providing ongoing continuing education. Each year we conduct seminars on topics related to the upper extremity which are geared towards worker’s compensation professionals such as case managers, physicians, nurses, employers, attorneys and insurance carrier representatives. Seminar topics vary, and we are typically able to provide continuing education credits through the Illinois Commission For Case Managers.

If your group would like to request a speaker regarding shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand injuries and conditions, call our office at (847) 956-0099 extension 155 for more information.

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