Worker’s Compensation Evaluation

Since the early 1970s, we have helped thousands of patients across the Midwest with work-related injuries and conditions of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand get back to their jobs safely and in a timely manner. Our healthcare team is a recognized leader in worker’s compensation care and is dedicated to providing individualized solutions along with realistic, cost-effective treatment plans to successfully meet the needs of patients. Our goal and priority are to reduce the risk of re-injury and help them return to work as quickly as possible.

While some injuries and conditions may require surgery, others can often be treated conservatively, utilizing a combination of medication, splinting and/or therapy. Our physicians will diagnose and evaluate your employee’s injury or condition to determine the type of treatment that is most appropriate for them. HSA is able to provide immediate access for your employees who need same-day care due to a work-related injury or condition. We’re also committed to working together with case managers to outline patients’ restrictions and help you determine a realistic employability level. Case managers are always welcome during client appointments.